Why does Retire Theory exist? I had been wanting to get Retire Theory going for a long time when I came across a website called "Get Your Shit Together" which meant that in the event of your death, there is a possibility that none of your affairs are in order, and it is left to your family to guess what to do about everything you owned, all of your belongings, and your bank account. This not only means that someday you will retire, but you will also die. Once you've accepted both of these conditions, which are both part of life, you can begin to appreciate your life and prepare for every event that could be possible.

Why is Retire Theory important? Most people are taught in K-12 facts about everyday life, including history, the world, language, science, and even mathematics. What no one is taught is how to pay bills, how to spend money properly, how to save money, how to plan for your future, and the acceptance of your retirement and death. Retire Theory will remove any walls or any "god mentality" (I am sorry to inform you, but you are mortal, and you will die someday).

Why should I read Retire Theory? You might learn something you don't already know and it may help open up your mind to new possibilities. First, the fact that you will work for many years of your life. Second, that you will eventually come to the age of retirement. And third, that you will die. You prepared for your adulthood including possibly going through college, getting your first "real job", training, etc. Maybe you became a parent and you prepared for that. So why not be prepared for anything and everything?

Who are you? My name is Matthew Gates and I am a graduate of Ocean County College and Loyola University Chicago where my primary interest was psychology. Specifically, I was interested in social psychology and everyday human interactions, particularly in the workplace. I work as a web designer and web developer and have been in this career for over a decade. While I am not an accountant or a financial adviser, I do try to invest and save for my retirement, as well as plan for my future, while still enjoying myself and my money.

I run a hobby website called Confessions of the Professions dedicated to understanding jobs, careers, and the workplace. This website is a continuation of what happens after you work and what you can do while you are working.

I love to help people when I can and if I can spread some useful information to help you plan for your retirement and the end of your life, as I plan for mine, would you mind the advice?