Bad Investments And Wasting Money

Have you ever thrown away money? Possibly on nothing? Yeah, me too. I've thrown away money on various food items, as I love to test taste them. I have thrown money into the stock market, only to have lost it the next day. I've spent too much money on water. I've spent too much money just by going out. I've even spent too much money on my ex-wife for the very purpose of keeping a civil friendship — and we don't even have any children together.

The fact is, for every dollar not saved for retirement, is a dollar not put away for your older self. How much could you really need during retirement? Well, your spending habits are unlikely to be that of a millionaires' lifestyle. What if you aren't putting a dollar away towards your retirement? For the most part, if you are working on the books, the government is putting some money away for you. Thank goodness for Mr. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and those who began drafting it years before him.

If there are times in your life where you aren't saving enough or aren't working enough or spending more money than you have, having to pay off a few debts for a year here, and a few years there, forcing you to save less. You are doing just fine. These hiccups are expected and you are going to be alright. If it takes you a few years to get back on track, but as long as it is a part of your goal, then you will be just fine.

If you go to a casino one night, and you lose $100, but you rarely gamble and that's the reason why, then all you lost was some money, but you didn't lose the experience of at least trying to win some money. The point is, if you enjoy something, go ahead and spend your money on it. If it brings you happiness to do it and it costs money, don't let it deter you. Instead of buying store-brand, buy the brand name. You're still going to have enough for your retirement. I do promise you that!

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