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Mentally Preparing For Retirement

You've thought long and hard about retirement, for many years, as if its like winning the lottery. The truth is that it's not quite like winning the lottery, although all governments are heavily involved in all things senior citizen when it comes to money and taxes. You have actually worked your whole life for the government to consider that because you are unable to work anymore after a time, the government will step in to help you in accordance to the length of time you have worked.

The money from the lottery and social security is from a giant pot of other people's money. Both systems are in place because of government regulations. Both are heavily taxed and regulated but one is there because you worked for it, while the other is there because you made a bet and got lucky. It is great to have both and winning the lottery remains a dream for many, while retirement becomes a reality for everyone.

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Should You Worry About Retirement?


Worrying about retirement usually doesn't even come until you are in your mid-to-late 30s. You may still be single or you may have a family, but you soon begin to wonder: am I going to be working for the rest of my life? How much should I put away for retirement? How much will I need in retirement? Am I ever going to be able to retire?

Walk into any retail store, such as Walmart or even Home Depot and you will find some Elderly still working. Have you ever asked them why they are still working? The good news is that the majority of them are not working because they have to work but rather because they are looking for something to do, something to make them still feel relevant, and something to give them a little extra in their paychecks. They do have to make under a certain amount in order to also continue collecting social security. What exactly are they saving for by this age?

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