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Why You Should Use A Net Worth Calculator


Most people hardly know what they are actually worth but when asked about their net worth, they might think this only accounts for what they have in a bank. For the vast majority of people, their savings and checking account amounts to less $20,000 for an individual and is not triple their salary by the time they are in their middle age. To calculate the average net worth, it is a simple formula of what you own that has value to it minus what you owe. Anything that is considered to have a value and can be sold is part of your net worth. In other words: assets - liabilities = net worth. [ Source: ]

If you aren't worth much, don't worry too much. If you are young, you have your life ahead of you and time to obtain and grow your assets. Just remember that those with the most still die with nothing. However, while you are alive, it makes sense to acquire some assets in your name, and even use those assets to borrow equity or sell off for cash or something else of value. Many people use their assets to add more assets into their net worth, such as acquiring new property with downpayment by refinancing or using another asset as collateral.

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Who Wants To Retire A Millionaire?

Everyone dreams about being a millionaire and there are a few million people who get lucky in their lifetime to actually see it in their bank accounts. The rest of us usually acquire about a million to two million dollars over the course of our lifetimes, but we don't actually see it, at least not in cash. Over time, we may have actually spent it on luxury and life so we never get to see it. However, we may also acquire it in real estate assets or in the stock market among other investments or inheritances. By the time we reach the age of retirement, between 62 - 70 years old, depending on how much you have in assets and savings, you could probably claim to be a millionaire.

Whether you choose to continue to live in your home and do a reverse mortgage or sell your house, mixed in with your social security and any other investments you have, you could probably liquidate your assets and turn it into a million dollars in cash. There are several reasons you would want to do this, but other reasons you probably should not. If you are a millionaire by the time you retire in cash, you will be very likely the one responsible for any and all healthcare concerns and needs.

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