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Should You Invest In The Stock Market?

Whether you are close to retirement or not, and have some extra money, should you invest it in the stock market as of 2022? The short answer: Yes. Even though we are currently going through inflation and a possible recession, the answer is still yes. For as long as human beings are alive, money will be printed, worked for, and used to buy products and services. Whether you are in it for the long-term or the short-term, investing in the stock market will yield a greater return than any bank which currently believes that 0.01% or even 0.05% is doing you a favor.

I will tell you, if you must store your money in a bank from direct deposit or a short-term hold, than do so. Long-term, in my humble opinion, banks are really useless due to their greed. They could actually make a lot more money by offering higher interest rates, much more than the laughable 1% or 2% that they think is helpful. They have to abide by government regulations and all these prices are set, but the daring bank one day will provide 4% or 5% and this would show a shift in the banking system. It was once a thing and a thing of the past, and very unlikely to be seen again.