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Should You Invest In The Stock Market?

Whether you are close to retirement or not, and have some extra money, should you invest it in the stock market as of 2022? The short answer: Yes. Even though we are currently going through inflation and a possible recession, the answer is still yes. For as long as human beings are alive, money will be printed, worked for, and used to buy products and services. Whether you are in it for the long-term or the short-term, investing in the stock market will yield a greater return than any bank which currently believes that 0.01% or even 0.05% is doing you a favor.

I will tell you, if you must store your money in a bank from direct deposit or a short-term hold, than do so. Long-term, in my humble opinion, banks are really useless due to their greed. They could actually make a lot more money by offering higher interest rates, much more than the laughable 1% or 2% that they think is helpful. They have to abide by government regulations and all these prices are set, but the daring bank one day will provide 4% or 5% and this would show a shift in the banking system. It was once a thing and a thing of the past, and very unlikely to be seen again.

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Unusual Investments For Retirement


Most people saving for retirement believe they have to put away money into the stock market or invest in real estate. There are many people who sock away what they can into a 401k or an IRA which is meant to be a nice addition to compliment the social security checks that will also be coming in during retirement. However, there are some things that people, including you, could do for different kinds of investments that may or may not give you a good return over time. This also depends on whether you can find the right target audience or collectors who are interested.

These things usually involve collecting very unique and specific items that can help you run a small business or even sell during your retirement for extra money. For example, although the husband passed away from cancer many years ago, he left his family with a Toy museum that attracts hundreds of people every month to visit in New Mexico. It is called Tinker Town ( ) and holds some of the world's most unique toys from the 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s. The man spent his life traveling the world and buying unique toys from all over. He returned home and eventually built a museum showing off his collection. His wife and family continue to run the place and charge about $10 or $12 for admission. If you ever get a chance, it's a small side attraction, but its very unique and fun to see.

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Acquiring Property For Retirement


If you are currently the owner of a house or investment property, or planning to obtain a property very soon, you are on a successful path towards a comfortable retirement. While the housing market goes up and down and may even crash once during a decade or so, the value of housing generally goes up, not down. By holding on to a property, you are paying down a mortgage. Once the mortgage is paid off, you are only paying for the utilities, taxes, and other fees to upkeep the home.

By the time you pay off the mortgage, you might consider renting this property out or selling it, while considering buying a new home. The value of your property went up in the 10-30 years that it took you to pay the mortgage. If you choose to rent, you can charge a reasonable fee, depending on the number of beds and baths. There are services that do background checks and become the Landlord service and take care of everything for you while taking a small fee. If you choose to sell the home, you will likely sell it for double what you paid for it, thus profiting and making your money. The only issue with selling and buying another home is, like your property, all other homes also went up in value.

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