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Preparing for a Funeral


Getting this topic out of the way, as it is a very sensitive topic that I would never thought I'd be talking about, and not one I want to talk about, but one that I should talk about. It will be one of the earliest posts on this website, I will talk about it before we even discuss saving money, retirement, and enjoying your life after work because in our everyday world, the reality is that anyone can die at any second. There are hundreds of thousands of ways to die. So the acceptance of your own death is inevitable.

Getting this out of the way is the best thing I can do for you and you could do for yourself. We cannot continue to pretend to be immortal and that we are going to live forever, like most of us do. The excuse that you're going to be dead and gone so you don't care is also not one you need to relay because those loved ones who are still alive will have to deal with the aftermath. So it is imperative that you stop being selfish and think about your family or the living when it comes to your death.