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The Road To Retirement

Most of the focus on this website is all about retiring and retirement. There is always good reason to ponder: "What will I be like in retirement? What will I be doing? How much will things cost in retirement? How am I going to live in retirement?" Fortunately, all of these are fair questions to ask and none that should have you spending more than a few minutes wondering.

If you think about how you are going to be in retirement, the chances are, unless you hit the lottery, acquire an inheritance, or somehow become determined enough to make a product that no one knew they needed but loved, you're probably going to live the same exact lifestyle that you've been living for the previous decade. You probably spend around $200 or $300 a month on groceries, another $200 or $300 a month going out to eat, $50 a month on gasoline, $300 a month on utilities, and your mortgage is probably nearly paid off or is affordable. So your expenses are likely to be around $1200 - $1500 per month. Fortunately, if you did work your whole life, your social security check will cover nearly all of that. Add in a 401k, an IRA, or a pension, and you will be fine.