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Talking To Your Spouse About Retirement

If you've been together for a while with your spouse and you both have been working for the past many years, getting to see your children go off to college, leave home, get jobs, establish careers, meet the love of their lives, have children, start their own families, doing exactly what you and your spouse did, you might begin wondering what's next. You've accomplished it all... parent and grandparent, fur babies and flesh babies. You've both been so generous to get your children through the major milestones of their lives and even helping a little with the grandchildren. Now the time has come and you're both close to the age of retirement. What's next?

You'll both want to understand your finances and how you'll still continue to pay for bills. The best thing you both could do is hire a financial advisor to assess exactly what you both will retire with and how much you'll actually need during retirement. If you are both earners who were on the books for years, then you'll both have an amazing retirement and won't have to worry too much.