Unusual Investments For Retirement


Most people saving for retirement believe they have to put away money into the stock market or invest in real estate. There are many people who sock away what they can into a 401k or an IRA which is meant to be a nice addition to compliment the social security checks that will also be coming in during retirement. However, there are some things that people, including you, could do for different kinds of investments that may or may not give you a good return over time. This also depends on whether you can find the right target audience or collectors who are interested.

These things usually involve collecting very unique and specific items that can help you run a small business or even sell during your retirement for extra money. For example, although the husband passed away from cancer many years ago, he left his family with a Toy museum that attracts hundreds of people every month to visit in New Mexico. It is called Tinker Town ( https://tinkertown.com/ ) and holds some of the world's most unique toys from the 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s. The man spent his life traveling the world and buying unique toys from all over. He returned home and eventually built a museum showing off his collection. His wife and family continue to run the place and charge about $10 or $12 for admission. If you ever get a chance, it's a small side attraction, but its very unique and fun to see.

Keeping collections in mind, there are many things you can collect and show off by doing something similar or selling them on Ebay or even at Craft fairs. While building a collection does require a place to store it and move it, it may still be very unique and worth a lot of money someday. While we won't get into the full history of all of these oddities, lets review what endless possibilities there are!



No, it's not like Pokemon cards, but back in the 90s, they would print out these circles with photos on them and they were all the rage. Collections of thousands of varieties of cartoons and random images and unique designs. They even had pog holders to store everything. While the rage was short-lived for about 5 years, they taught many of us kids about business transactions and uniqueness. While much of the time, they served as art, they also had games for Pogs. There are still many collectors of pogs and you can find them on Ebay in lots going anywhere from $1 to $50 and ranging from as many as 20 to 200 selling for that price.

Troll Dolls


Believe it or not, everyone has value for something, and somehow these guys, which became a trend that started around the 1960s, became all the rage. While the faces are generally the same overall, the unique style of faces, body, and hair color and hair style may vary. These troll dolls may not look like much, but they were always fun to play with and use as the magical characters in your fantasy child's play. These dolls can fetch anywhere from $5 to $50. Although children may prefer them more than adults. There are still collectors around the world looking for their unique troll.

Precious Moments


My mother's absolute favorite, she has been collecting these figurines since she was a child. There are hundreds of thousands of unique figurines and hardly any two are the same. Disney has even capitalized in on the popularity of these and they are still so popular. These are technically not toys for children, but they are to be admired and collected and displayed properly. While they are not for everyone, they are unique, precious, rare, and delicate. Handle every one of them with care, as you may have one that is non-replaceable. You may even want to get insurance on these figurines, some which may be valued anywhere from $5 to $2,000 each. A good lot of them can fetch up to $15,000 to $20,000 once it catches the eyes of the right collector.

Star Trek Collectibles

Star Trek has been paving the way for most space and spaceship films since the 1960s and has produced movies, books, fan fictions, figurines, collectible plates, DVDs, etc. Star Trek has also generated a philosophy for what we strive to have for mankind and may even use when we begin exploring the depths of space. There are hundreds of thousands of items related to Star Trek and many hold their own unique purpose and are just as rare as the next item. As the characters begin to pass away, the items, especially the photographs with autographs on them will become even more rare and the price of these collectibles will be driven to an all-time high.

With Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan passed away, along with many others ( https://www.imdb.com/list/ls063116435/ ), with Captain Kirk (William Shatner) or Captian Pircard (Patrick Stewart) who are in their 80s and 90s, the value of Star Trek can only go up and as more generations are born and learn of Star Trek, it will only become more popular.

Star Wars Collectibles

Like Star Trek, Star Wars has acquired a very large fan base and with it, fan fiction and backstories, along with a very vested interest from Disney, who now owns the franchise. There are hundreds to thousands of books and figurines and toys and weapons all dedicated to Star Wars. These items may not have too much value now because of the saturated market and huge interest by so many, especially younger generations, that connect so well to the story. Holding on to these types of items may provide a lot of value, especially those autographed by the original cast. We still honor and remember our Princess Leia, portrayed by Carrie Fisher (may she rest in peace).

VHS and CDs and DVDs and Vinyl Records

Although VHS is not as common as it once was, VHS players and VHS do exist. To make any profit off these, especially by the time you reach retirement age, you may have to be holding on to thousands of them, as they only fetch about $2 or $3 each. CDs and DVDs and Vinyls are also going for a much lower price then when they first came out. However, there are still million of collectors and enthusiasts out there waiting to find and look at what you have. Vinyl records, especially rare ones, can pull in upwards of $50 or more. If you have thousands of them, you may be in your own business to open up a record store.

Who knows what may happen to future generations and younger children who can download their music on their iPhones or Androids, but there are still plenty who are discovering their father's old record players and enjoying how the music sounds on those. It is up to the younger generations to keep the interest, but it may be up to you to pass on the collection to those generations.


Not very specific, as you can walk into any Barnes and Noble, or any book store for that matter, and find hundreds to thousands of books in a single book store, there are some rare ones in which the publishing company no longer exists, the author has passed away, and the book contains unique philosophy or perspectives. While it is not very common that people are looking for books, finding the right buyer could fetch a good amount for the right books, especially historical and unique books.


Art is something that will never go away or die for as long as humanity continues to be creative and admire creativity. Art is probably the one thing that appreciates the most of any collectible item. A one-thousand dollar painting today could be worth $10,000 by the time you retire, depending on what the artist has done in life and whether they are still alive. Art is in abundance and is a constant, but once an artist dies, that very unique perspective dies with them. It is hardly the case where two artists are ever truly alike. So if you have an eye for collecting art, you may be holding on to the Masterpiece that could fetch hundreds of thousands to even a million dollars.

Collecting items and hoping to sell them in retirement is a hit or miss: you spent the time collecting, but you still have to do the work of holding on to, giving value, and selling. This requires a lot of time and patience, but may pay off. These are just several things you can do to possibly help you in your retirement. The more unique and rare it is, the more it may fetch, but it also requires someone to actually have a value for the item. If no one cares or the item is an abundance, the chances of you selling it for very much are slim. So if you find rare items, maybe you should hold on to them or get them appraised and see how much they are worth today and how much they could be worth in the future.

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