Chapter 1

Welcome to RetireTheory

When it comes to retirement, people struggle to accept the idea that they will grow old and die someday. For many, they put off talking about or even thinking about retirement and what it actually means. The belief is that they will work until they can no longer work anymore, and then the government will give them a monthly stipend for being old. While only partially true, the stipend is just barely enough to cover a very "basic living" which will cover your costs of rent and food.

As you discover RetireTheory, we identify and explore ways to make retirement a reality. Retirement is definitely not the end, but only the beginning of a new journey, in which you no longer have to work, but can finally take part in all of those things you delayed or held off in your life. Retirement is a lifestyle and not a destination. Retirement does not mean the end but is the start of your new life.