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Typemill is a simple Flat File Content Management System (CMS). We work hard to provide the best author experience with easy and intuitive authoring tools. But Typemill is still in early development and it is likely that not everything will work perfectly out of the box. If you miss something or if you have ideas for improvement, then let me know via GitHub.

You can create, structure and reorder all pages with the navigation on the left. To structure your content, you can create new folders and files with the "add item" button. To reorder the pages, just drag an item and drop it wherever you want. Play around with it and you will notice, that it works pretty similar to the folder- and file-system of your laptop. And in fact, this is exactly what Typemill does in the background: It stores your content in files and folders on the server.

However, there are some limitations when you try to reorder elements, for example, you cannot move a complete folder to another folder. Click on the question-mark at the top of the navigation for detailed informations.

The Editor

You can create and format your content with the Markdown syntax, that is similar to the markup syntax of wikipedia. If you are not familiar with Markdown, then please read the short Markdown-tutorial in the documentation of Typemill. You can learn Markdown in less than 10 minutes and there is no easier and faster way to format your webpage. You will love it!

Typemill provides two edit modes: The raw mode and the visual mode. You can switch between the modes in the publish-bar at the bottom of each page. The raw mode is the most robust way to create your content, because you write raw markdown into a simple textarea. The visual mode is experimental right now. It uses blocks and transforms each content block into a html-preview immediately, so that you can directly see the formatted result.

By default Typemill will use the raw mode. But you can change this behavior in the system settings and use the visual editor as default mode.

The Publish Bar

The publish bar of Typemill is pretty intuitiv and sticks at the bottom of the screen so that you have always full control of the status of each page. Simply play around with it and you will quickly understand how it works. In short:

Last updated: 06/18/2019